Thursday, August 14, 2008

tips for new nursing students.

Well, someone else in the blogosphere had the idea of posting some tips for new nursing as a future nurse educator, I figured I would post some of my own...take them at face value.
1. Nursing school is HARD.
This is not the time to be out partying every weekend, not study, blow off papers, etc. Most classes only have x number of points. Miss something or bomb, and you have to work harder to make it up. One of my friends failed our last semester by 3 points....and she missed 1 5 point quiz. So every point matters.
2. However, don't become absorbed by nursing school.
It's a lot. careplans, studying, papers, tests, dealing with others. Schedule some time to yourself once a week. a movie, cooking, reading, something you enjoy. It's easier to go back to nursing stuff if you aren't sick of it.
3. You may get the psycho instructor- It's true, you hear horror stories about every instructor. If you get one that drives you nuts, remember, you MUST follow what they say...even if it makes you question your sanity. It's only one semester, you can do it. just be professional, and ask questions if you aren't sure what to do.
4. some of your classmates can drive you crazy- It's a fact that some of them are crazy themselves. be professional, friendly, but you don't have to associate with them outside of school.
5. Find a study group or a close group of NS friends to vent to- only fellow nursing students understand what your going through...I don't know where I'd be without them.
6. Always ask questions to floor nurses...especially if it's one who enjoys teaching- and you can tell.
Hope this helps!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

He's a bad mother...shut yo mouh!

I'm talking bout shaft!....SHAFT! It's too bad to hear he's gone. Even as a chef in colorado, he was always a source of advice....wait, he was a singer? dang. Peace, salty balls.

On a side note, when a patient repeats whatever he hears....saying "oh, S***" as a antibiotic starts running down your crotch is probably not the best idea...especially when he repeats it in front of family.