Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do not stand at my grave and weep........

That line comes from a song I used to sing in High school."In Memoriam"..and it comes to mind every so often when I'm doing what I do.

Just a reflection....I spent today taking care of a resident who is approaching end of life. And upon my arrival to assess her, I found myself encountering a hospice aide. Wow...I thought I was a good CNA. this aide was there for about 2 hours in a shift, cruising through, did AM care, helped me think of ways to break her 102 degree fever(aside from the g-tube tylenol)...we did cold compressess, mouthcare, fan on back....the aide helped me turn her, helped me find another pressure sore developing on a foot, helped me assess areas that I would have had a tough time doing by myself.
She also talked to the family, helped me finish things up. Then the hospice nurse, she was focused....when we started talking, I mentioned that she already had a order for meds to help congestion, meds for pain sublingual, and was on top of each thing the nurse asked....
Then the family and I talked while I helped turn her, and gave her mouthcare, etc. I'm reminded that, when I'm in the situation at the end of my life, give me my dignity. A drop of water, medication to keep me comfortable, treat my symptoms, but let me die gracefully.

Like a flower slow to open,
this life will soon be done.
my spirit will be soaring,
for the race I finally have won.

I'm headed home to eden,
No pain can find me now.
Sunshine always upon me,
without a single dark cloud.

I will be with you in the dew,
the life I've left behind.
Never forget who I am,
and I'll always be alive in your mind.

Hug your loved ones tighter today....and give kind care to whoever you encounter....and to my fellow student nurses(never forget that the care you give is watched by EVERYONE related to the patient!)

Monday, March 24, 2008

The care you get.....

Sometimes I'm reminded of the old beatles song....the care you get is equal to the care you give. I think that even though patients are sick, in pain, having to deal with dx's, etc....most are willing to treat the staff well, and understand that if they need something that is not pressing...they follow up with "when you have time."
I personally have a issue with taking that to mean "when you get around to it." I provide EXCELLENT service, (as far as I know), and would rather go get what someone needs right away, versus having to remember to come back in 20 mins....besides, I'm a little slow to begin with.
Remember the reason that we are there, folks. We nurse because we care. If we didn't, why are we here? I will rue the day that I'm a patient, and I know the kind of service that I would expect....however, if I can still get up with a walker and go get some water....I'll probably do that myself, to relieve the burden.
off to work.....and spend the night listening to moonbeam conversations, and women who want breakfast at 2AM....

Days counting down....

So with two tests left in psych and theory....3 clinicals left for med/surg and psych, and 2 weeks of capstone to go.....It's REALLY starting to hit home that I'm almost done with school, and will be expected to be taking care of patients nursing wise in about 3 months....WOW. The most telling factor was today, when I was working on finishing my demos in the skills lab(which are NOW all done.), and my clinical instructor also gave me back my careplan.....the big 14 page one, that I had been dreading for 2 weeks, worried I was going to get it back, and have to revise over a week....nope. Got it back with comments, but overall it was good...and she didn't even mark on the last 4 pages! Sweet!
So, then on to the job hunt. I've got an interview at my hospital on the 2nd, and follow-ups on friday down at we'll see what happens.