Friday, May 29, 2009

Never really choosing to go away...........

Well, to my few readers.....I'm back! Just sitting here reflecting on my life, and thinking that in order to help preserve my sanity, even writing a few sentences every couple of days would really help.
So what has happened since I've left y'all? I might as well try to remember it all!
Well, I've worked almost every holiday except New Year' is fine, the hospital has really been a 2nd home to me. I am growing into my confident role as a RN, even when the patients go "oh, it's so nice to see a nice young man..." If they only knew! I can spout reasons for any intervention we do....and happily BS my way through some conversations if I need to! I'm working a 2nd job at a local nursing home on a PRN's nice to have some familiar people to work with...
Personally, I moved out of my rental house in March...Got broken into TWICE within 2 months of each other...basically all they got was 2 laptops and made a mess of the place. But the 2nd time, I moved all my valuables over to a friend's house, and the next morning the cops called cause they had kicked in the door! (too bad for them I didn't have anything else left there!)
And I'm writing this next to the most beautiful woman in the new fiance. I never thought that I would ever meet anyone so sweet, kind, open, beautiful and understanding. Her love and joy for what I do(and her mom does also) is infectious....and no matter how rough the shift, I know that she understands. So hopefully I'll be posting a few more things on here, but until then...."A fool blathers on, a wise man listens more than speaks."