Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NEVER forget where you come from.

The simple touch of a hand in the dark,
a warm blanket in the chill of cloudy day.
The hand you need to hold when you go pee,
the hand you need to squeeze while you get poked.

I don't agree with passing the buck,
hunting down busy techs for a simple thing.
I don't believe that a tech can do something I can't do for them,
or that what they say does NOT have merit.

Do it yourself for a change,
find the heart to do 1 task a hour for a tech.
Relieve your load, get rid of your high horse,
and lend your heart to care.

NEVER be above helping out! It is appreciated more than you know!

Monday, August 4, 2008

So, the orientation rolls on...

So, I've got 6 shifts down....and I think I roll with the punches pretty good. I've had up to 6 patients, done discharge teaching on a knee, admitted patients, called doctors for orders, and done what I've had to do.
I've dealt with the docs that ignore us, the ones that seem very friendly, and the ones who are in the middle. But, what I can't understand is why a doc won't call us back for a patient....especially when it's a stat and I've paged 23 times over 2 hours for a B/P of 89/48....geez.
I've got 5 hours of IV sticks ahead of me tomorrow....so it's gonna be a long day. Any suggestions?