Saturday, June 7, 2008

You can't stop taking care of someone cause you don't like em.

You know, I normally don't mind working with my friend...we went to NS together, we were closer since we've started working together, but tonight just took the cake. We had a patient who arrived at 2PM from chicago as part of a accident on her drive to TN....she had a PCA pump, fluids, she'd been vomiting a little bit, etc....So, throughout the shift my friend had problems.
The sister shows up as the "family" representitive....Now, everything is wrong. "she's vomiting, what's going on?"(maam, she's had everything she can have, if she quit pushing her PCA q 10 minutes, it'd slow down a little.) "her roommate is snoring, we're going to move to another room.." (maam, the hospital is full...there are NO other beds on this floor to move her to, and I'm not going to wake up 2 people to move your roommate, and someone else, for a non-medical reason.)
These were the ONLY 2 times that I had talked to her about anything all night...I didn't even know what was going on with her really. My friend was so frustrated, she asked me to switch rooms for our final rounds of the night so she wouldn't have to go back in there.....fine, I'll help you out.
The thing that gets me is that there is ALWAYS something about some frustrating patient that gets her riled....and she "can't take it." I honestly don't see how working as a pediatric nurse will get her much more than that....She cannot deal with issues and gets frustrated instead of getting a backbone. She does NOT do enough for patients, and then gets mad when the patients call her on it.
We then got a admit that had bilateral ankle fractures....she asked me to go with her to set him up....why, I'm not sure. She's got 2 hands, with only 1 full with a icebag for each ankle....but I'm game. She put ice on him, dialed a telephone number, and walked out. ME? I've got to set up his urinal and kleenex, verify with the wife that "yes, he's here in the hospital, and not faking cause he doesn't want to work", listen to him rattle on about his story(fell at home cause he had a few too many tequilas), and try to shush him for his roommate. AND HE'S NOT EVEN MY PATIENT!
So, I'm done. I will be more than happy to take care of MY folks, and her folks will get my extra service when I answer their lights....but, I'm not helping her anymore than I have to. Facts of life.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jim crow is dead....

It is time for a that can provide the equality of every man...

When this nation was founded,
over two hundred years ago,
the white-wigged whigs proclaimed equality,
as shallow as it could go.

Freedom for the ones who could afford it,
and work til death for the others.
Without the same thoughts or genes,
no sister, brother, or mother of a different color.

We thought the land of lincoln
had fought for the rights of all.
Brother vs. brother for the sake of country,
how many bloodlines had to fall?

Depression hit hard, and we thought
that a light was coming for all.
why is it, that less than 30 years later,
MLK was STILL fighting Jim Crow laws?

Cut off from the process,
with no end in sight.
Voting for many was
just a shot in the night.

It took us over two hundred years,
for the symbol of equality to not be a sham.
now, when ANY child asks if they can be president,
Boy or girl, Black or white, I as a father, can say
"Yes, YOU CAN!"