Saturday, May 17, 2008

had my pinning tonight

Hey, all...while i'm not an emotional person per se....something about the ceremony really made me tear up. We walked in to a crowd of people in the gym, had the introduction of our speaker (the exec director of our state nurses association) who showed up sick and barely able to talk, give our speech. Gave our retiring professor a basket with cool things.....and as we went up to do our candle lighting ceremony....we dropped hand sanitizer(as she failed EVERYONE on our handwashing demo before) into the basket. Our class VP's daughter performed a song she wrote herself...and it was VERY moving...called "hands that heal".....I almost wish that I had a track of it, cause it was really good.
My good friend was our class president...and as she was talking, and tearing other friend and I asked each other if we were standing up for her....I would without a doubt. She got thrust into the position when our president didn't pass 3rd semester.......hence the promotion of the VP.
She did a remarkable job for what she had to work with....and through all the snafus...I wouldn't have traded a moment of the last 2 years for anything...
The joy, the tears, and the anger of last minute changes were all washed away by the smiles and the joy of tonight. I got many pictures of all my friends who are going to be RNs at the same place where I work....can't wait for boards, and to get started!


overactive-imagination said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Sorry I am late. I had made a mental note to come check out your blog on the 16th and read about your pinning....but my school......they are trying to kill me. Really. I'm sure you thought the same thing when taking short summer semesters.

I'm SO happy for you. It sounds like things went great! Too funny about the hand sanitizer.

Congrats again and I hope you post some pics.

Anonymous said...

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