Wednesday, July 2, 2008

hmmm...what have I done?

answer: Not a dang thing. Trying to catch up on reading, clean the apartment, get things together for licensure/orientation, It's hard to believe I have exactly 12 days until I start my new job! In fact, yesterday I got a email with my scheduled plan for orientation. 6 days of classroom, and 2 days of floor work for the first 2 weeks...then floor work. Then classes again in September. I'm looking forward to it.
One of my friends just took NCLEX today, and got 90 some questions...I'm sure she passed though. So, crossing fingers for her.
I also have a call into valpo university about their RN-MSN program. I know I just got out of school, but if I can get through some pre-reqs before concentrating on a MSN in education, that would be really cool.
On a side note, I thought I'd comment on the news story making the rounds about the woman who died in the ER waiting room. Apparently, that facility has other state complaints against it. It's sad to see that indifference can be so ingrained in the healthcare culture, especially since the patient was a psych case. Overall, perhaps the waiting room should be able to be observed from triage, either by camera or by triage nurse at station. here's crossing fingers that the real reasons behind that come out...


Scott said...

Well enjoy your time off! Ugh. More school? Really?

I have tried several times to add you as a reader of my new blog, but it won't save your user name for some reason! It makes me mad... I assume you've tried to get in to my WordPress blog but it won't let you? I really don't know what to do about it.

The loco days of locolorenzo said...

scott, I'm gonna try again, brother...after all, we'll get it down someday. Yeah, more school. I look at it like..hey, the quicker I get done, I don't have to go back!
I'm trying to enjoy it, but I also seem like I need to get back to the working world, ya know?
How's things with you?