Friday, August 22, 2008

my first time as "that nurse"

I'm a new grad. That in itself means I haven't been nursing too many patients, but I was a CNA for 2 years. I've taken care of so many patients it's hard to pick just one who made a difference. But then with my RN, I can finally take the time to do what needs to be done for a patient. And people listen!
I'm working the 2nd of 3 shifts. Early in the morning, "beth" comes in. She's getting a new port for chemo. Extensive cancer history and new lesions at the moment. She's scared, hungry and thirsty. Her old port is leaking yellow fluid (think lymph fluid) on occasion. She's scared that the new one isn't going to work. I spent a good 20 minutes in there to reassure it that she'll be ok.She went down in midday, and came back as I was leaving. She was groggy, but she was in good spirits.
Today, I went in to see her and she said to me "hey, come here." With a very serious expression on her face. She then smiled and said "thank you for taking such good care of me and my mom yesterday. I told all my family you were the best nurse i've had in years!" I'm not worthy, I'm still SOOOO new! I immediately felt like bawling, but i'm a professional, right? (I held it in for about 10 mins). I told her the plan of getting her up, seeing how she did, then talking about what we could do for her for getting her to rehab, home, or to a facility.
She only wanted to go home, or be "safe" in the hospital. She got up, sat in a chair, got around and was doing ok. She gave me a lecture about nascar...and how a race at bristol is better than anything in the world. She teared up a little, but she seemed in good spirits. She made sure to tell me that she was going to be doing 2 Fs today..."fast and furious, baby!" As I left today, I told her I'd see her tomorrow. and she said, "Maybe I'll suprise you, and run off! After all, wouldn't they think you scared me away?" With a big wink.
good night, beth. We'll do what we can. But if I could have a thousand patients like you, I'd be ok(but dehydrated from crying!)


overactive-imagination said...

That's a really sweet story and I can imagine that it made you feel like a million bucks. Good for you. It must feel great to feel like you really made a differene.

Karin RN said...

Cherish this moment. It will help you on hard days, and will give you a reason why did you decide to become a nurse.

Anonymous said...

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