Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NEVER forget where you come from.

The simple touch of a hand in the dark,
a warm blanket in the chill of cloudy day.
The hand you need to hold when you go pee,
the hand you need to squeeze while you get poked.

I don't agree with passing the buck,
hunting down busy techs for a simple thing.
I don't believe that a tech can do something I can't do for them,
or that what they say does NOT have merit.

Do it yourself for a change,
find the heart to do 1 task a hour for a tech.
Relieve your load, get rid of your high horse,
and lend your heart to care.

NEVER be above helping out! It is appreciated more than you know!


Anonymous said...

hi i just stumbled on your blog. I am a new medical transcriptionist. I often have some doubts, which i am not able to get answers to. Can you answer them for me? - Steve

therapydoc said...

Wow. That advice actually applies to the other professions, too. It starts with the heart.