Sunday, September 14, 2008

work and a date.

First...thanks to the 1 follower I have on here...Jacob from Raspberry Blase!

Overall, things are going well. I finally got back on the night shift, and realized how much I missed my night crew. I've been working up to 3-4 patients, and even did my first night 8:30pm, trying to take care of all my other patients ahead of go figure.
Outside of work, I haven't done much....however, I did have a (semi) blind date today. A nurse who works the night shift on the unit next door to mine had asked me if I had myspace....seriously, who doesn't? Then, I received a message from her, nothing to it, right?
Her daughter is younger, but nice....and we happened to spend about 5 hours together today. For the women, is it a good sign when she takes your arm, you hold the umbrella, and you have good conversation for the entire date? And I even got a kiss as I walked her to her car....good times. So wish me luck!

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overactive-imagination said...

Good luck. :o) have more than one reader!