Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jim crow is dead....

It is time for a that can provide the equality of every man...

When this nation was founded,
over two hundred years ago,
the white-wigged whigs proclaimed equality,
as shallow as it could go.

Freedom for the ones who could afford it,
and work til death for the others.
Without the same thoughts or genes,
no sister, brother, or mother of a different color.

We thought the land of lincoln
had fought for the rights of all.
Brother vs. brother for the sake of country,
how many bloodlines had to fall?

Depression hit hard, and we thought
that a light was coming for all.
why is it, that less than 30 years later,
MLK was STILL fighting Jim Crow laws?

Cut off from the process,
with no end in sight.
Voting for many was
just a shot in the night.

It took us over two hundred years,
for the symbol of equality to not be a sham.
now, when ANY child asks if they can be president,
Boy or girl, Black or white, I as a father, can say
"Yes, YOU CAN!"

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