Monday, March 24, 2008

Days counting down....

So with two tests left in psych and theory....3 clinicals left for med/surg and psych, and 2 weeks of capstone to go.....It's REALLY starting to hit home that I'm almost done with school, and will be expected to be taking care of patients nursing wise in about 3 months....WOW. The most telling factor was today, when I was working on finishing my demos in the skills lab(which are NOW all done.), and my clinical instructor also gave me back my careplan.....the big 14 page one, that I had been dreading for 2 weeks, worried I was going to get it back, and have to revise over a week....nope. Got it back with comments, but overall it was good...and she didn't even mark on the last 4 pages! Sweet!
So, then on to the job hunt. I've got an interview at my hospital on the 2nd, and follow-ups on friday down at we'll see what happens.

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