Saturday, March 1, 2008

A wee sweater is all I want.....

So, when you're running a 101 fever, sweating profusely, and were found in your front'd like a sweater. I wish I could help you out, I really do. I don't care about what the nurse told me "found in front yard, tested positive for alcohol, cocaine, and mary-jane...." I don't care that you think the doc is crazy. Nobody cares what brought you here. For my shift, I keep you alive/breathing and keep your temperature somewhere in the neighborhood of "viable".
Nobody told you you HAD to stick that needle in your arm. Nobody asked you to come to the hospital tonight. Nobody cares why you did it.
I certainly wish I could yell some sense into you. While you rant and rave, I have a gentleman next door who is slightly confused and convinced that he's a bother and should just pass on tonight. He's sorry he needs me for something as simple as a hot blanket.....and you know what? You ranting will not get you something any faster than I will get it.
I do what I have to to keep you around. When you're not here, I won't care what you do.
"The one who rants and raves like a fool, will be suprised when others fail to pay him dues.
The silent one who sits like rock, this is the one that will pass the clock. "
Good night, kind sir.

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