Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The curtain is rising.............

Well....for my fellow friends, I just realized that a LOT has happened over the last few weeks...So, in no particular order comes the following:
Lorenzo's List of Lasts:
1. Had my LAST theory test! (ok, so I wound up with a 78%, but hey, let me revel in that glory for a minute) We spent our last day taking that test, and filling out NCLEX applications. It was kinda nice to say "I now have been taught everything that the school wants to teach me!"
2. Went through my Capstone days....ugh. 36 hrs of working with a staff nurse on a tele floor. First, I'm not a days person. I like having clients asleep for the 2nd half of my shift. I also don't like waking up at 3:30am just to get ready. And my new name for tele? Med-surg for hearts. It was not boring per se, but I didn't feel like I could do a whole lot besides assess and pass meds.....also, during my 2nd day 2nd semester students showed up for most of the day so I only had 2 real patients that were all ours....I did learn about how to deal with patients, and how to try to be the "nurse". Did also pick up some info about heart strips.
3. Took my HESI exit exam....well, i did the best I could..... AND I PASSED!!!! I scored a 922, and passing is a 850. The exam is supposed to weigh questions based on the basic skills of being a RN vs harder NCLEX. it was 160 questions, took me 2 hours, and most of my friends passed. We got together at the bar for "lunch"....although more drinks were flowing than tears. Some people didn't pass, but they have another chance friday. So need some good wishes towards those friends.
4. Got a job offer from the hospital where I work at now. And it's my shift, and my floor! So, I look forward to changing my job role from tech to RN....and know that I quite honestly couldn't have a better group of people to work with. I believe that I will be trained effectively, and am comfortable with the patients we generally get. Plus, as a confidence booster, I was having break with a nurse the other night and she goes "I wouldn't mind training you, you understand how we are, and you pick things up really fast. However, that other girl(the one I go to school with) gets too stressed, too easy. You gotta be flexible up here." So, I feel better about it. The thing that stinks is that I have to train on days 2-4 I'll be dead for a while.

And, for my friend Dawn, pinning is May 16th!!! Can't wait to see what's in the slideshow! Keep the faith!

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overactive-imagination said...

You should have taken some pics for your celebration "lunch"...those would have been some great pics to have in the slide show.
I will definitely be thinking of you on May 16th. Congrats!
I'm siting here going insane while I continuosly refresh my screen to find out how I did on my final. You know that "only need a 40%" to pass comment I made?.....well I don't even feel like I did that well. Say a quick prayer or do voodoo hexes.