Thursday, April 3, 2008

Save the date....seriously!!!

Ok, life wasn't stressful enough with work, projects, I have about oh....17 out of 30 dates to remember.....I wouldn't dream of listing them all here, but things such as the following are now in NEON flashing in my brain...(I wouldn't be suprised if the arteries rearrange themselves into letters to be a subconcious reminder...)
Capstone work dates (22,23,24 on 12 hr day shifts on a tele floor at the hospital I work at.), exit testing (25th....hopefully the only date for that I need to remember), psych test (21st), m/s theory test and nclex application filling out(15th....and I need 286 bucks for that day....ouch.) , etc.....and of course pinning (May 16th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....not like I'm excited or anything!)
Also, knowing that I have few readers at the moment, it's good to see those of you that comment.....please know I appreciate it...even if I don't have time to comment back.


overactive-imagination said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my site and for the encouraging words. Lord knows I need all of that I can get right now. I totally agree about Karma. It's all about the Karma baby!

I'm excited for you about your pinning ceremony. CONGRATS! and you deserve to be happy and giddy about it, you've worked your ass off to get there. I know it will be awesome. I'll be thinking of you on May 16th and wishing I were in your shoes.
What are y'all wearing for your pinning ceremony? Our SNA has decided that we will go with all white uniforms. Just curious.

I hope to God that I find someway to pay for this last semester. I don't what I will do if I have to go back on the waiting list.

Congrats again and looking forward to reading future posts.

overactive-imagination said...

oh, and other not meaning to talk your head off...I did mean to say HANK GOD we are not reqired to do exit testing. I don't envy you there. :o)

Scott said...

Well good for you! You look the mighty NCLEX in it's evil eyes and smack it down like Link smacks down Ganon.

Anyway, thanks for the advice about that legal post. I hope they didn't see it and don't try to use that against me in court tomorrow. The people I am suing DO fight dirty!

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