Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last week upcoming..............

Well, it's offical.....this is the last week of class! I still have assorted finals, NCLEX application day, and capstone to do...but I no longer have to do the theory notes and study powerpoints! It's been a while folks, it's just been busy......
So, what's going on? Well, I had my last week of clinical.....and I was the "charge" student for 2 others.....and I just don't get it....this dude was taking forever to give meds, and I ended up having to give one of his patients meds....when he had 2 hours to give all 5(yeah, only 5) patients meds.....I had 3 of my own, and done with 15 mins to spare.......then the instructor came to find me, because he put heel protectors on wrong....oh, and he's a CNA...should you know what you're doing, or know you need help by the last week?
I had my interview at the hospital I work at....and it went really well....I had to go back to work 2 hours after the interview, so when I went in, my manager told me that it went really well and I gave really "professional" answers....and looked good....So I think that if they offer me my "home" floor, I'll take it. I enjoy the nurses I work with, I feel comfortable with the patients, and I think I'll learn quickly. And I know who I can trust with the other CNAs.....
Hmmmm...what else? Oh yeah, Pinning! I have a TON of family coming in for pinning, which I was not expecting....but it'll be good to see everyone. also, I need ideas on what a guy can wear for pinning that's all white? it's tough to think of the bottom parts!
Overall, school and work....that's life at the moment. But I'm blessed, knowing that I don't have to afford another semester of fellow blogger Dawn at Overactive Imagination needs some help to afford another semester before aid kicks in....give what you can, and karma comes around.


overactive-imagination said...

What a doll! Look at you trying to get through your last semester and helping me financialy to boot. You're one hell of a guy and have no idea how much I appreciate your help.
I can't believe that student nurse of yours took so long to give meds. How's he/she going to pass this semester with those poor time management skills? Good for you.

We have a lot of slow ones in our group too, I guess some people just can't help it. Our instructor got a call that the water main broke at her daycare and she had to come get her daughter NOW. I zipped through my (computer) charting and let her know I was done. She said "No way! I told you 20 minutes after I told the rest of the group and you're done already?" She told me late because I was taking report on my 18 DAY old patient who was coming back from surgery and was getting her settled in and getting vitals. In post conference she said "Great job, Dawn. I checked your charting and it was spot on." Yeah, so I'm bragging a little....sorry. Though I attribute it to working as a tech for the last year and HAVING to know how to time manage well.
Sorry for the novel and thanks again. I do hope you will be posting pics of your pinning ceremony...right?
On the white pants...I think it would look great and appropriate to go get a pair of those nice thick EMT or nursing scrub pants for guys. That's what the guys in our group are doing.
Can't wait to hear more. You're a real sweetie.

The loco days of locolorenzo said...

no prob....karma comes around to those who wish it so...
I dunno how the guy's gonna pass...he's a nice guy, but he doesn't have the clinical skill really to be out there....IMHO.
Nice....18 day old patient? or do you mean your patient had been in the hospital for 18 days? We have those...we put them in the "foo-foo" rooms (they look like hotel rooms)....try to add some comfort?
I didn't think about posting pics, but I probably should....but there goes the aymonity of the internet....oh well...maybe I just won't be in any of em!
Thanks for the tip on the EMT pants...sounds good....
Take it CAN do it! (jesus help me, if I can, you can...) LOL

overactive-imagination said...

Nope...the sweet little thing was 18 days old in for failure to thrive and the placed a peg.
Thanks for the inspiration.