Friday, May 30, 2008

did someone get the memo I just graduated? least here in IL, the money just to take the NCLEX is adding up.
82 bucks for processing, 50 bucks for fingerprints, 200 bucks for computer center testing fees, and that's not even counting the license fee!
Good lord, could someone just do this in installments til I get my Real RN job?
Seriously, that's all I've done lately....Kaplan review, work, and sleep....
Work is work, and I can't wait to give notice....I'd much rather be the nurse for 6-7 patients vs. the total front line for 13/14.....
It's been crazy...we had post-ops all night, including someone arrested for home invasion and tasered(by the cops) in his forehead....little tip folks. Don't bend over when the cop says he's gonna shoot...he's lucky he didn't wind up dead or with some serious seizure activity going on. could've got fried brain syndrome...(like that? it's my new dx)....

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overactive-imagination said...

Related to? and as evidenced by?

I could answer those myself but somehow feel your responses would be funnier.

No shit aboout the cost of actually getting licensed once you graduate. It's not enough that we spent God only knows how much money to just graduate now they want......(here) $408 just to take the NCLEX...not sure if that includes the background check etc. but it damn well better!

Hope you get it all figured out. You know I'd help if I had it. Wish I did.