Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my first day as a RN!!!!!

Wow. Years spent in school, and life choices brought me to this point. You see, today was my first official day as a staff RN! A lot of training awaits, but I could not wait to get to work today, and I slept about...oh, 4 hours!
At no point did I understand what I was getting myself into, and what a RN really today was a real wake up call.
Admitting patients, trying to explain different things, getting concerned over the sleepy LOL from surgery, and trying to get someone's pain under control. What a day. But, I clocked out with the most IMMENSE satisfaction that I could ever imagine. To all my fellow nurses: NEVER forget that job satisfaction should be part of your job everyday. If it's not, find it! life's too short!

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Mother Jones RN said...

It's an exciting time. Enjoy!