Wednesday, February 6, 2008 quickly it corrupts......

So, Deal or No deal? 1,000/200,000 or 110,000....I'd take the 110,000. You could pay off school, buy something nice, invest some, and give some charity out to the good people in your life........So, guess what? The chick said no, and won 1,000 bucks. Why does greed overcome our sense? You can take something for sure, or lose it all.

Nothing else is true. Someone else will always have a better car, a better job, a better lover, a better family, better stuff....the key is learning to be happy with what you CAN have, not with want you WANT to have.

on a NS note, what a crazy day in clinical. lots of ICU stuff to do, and crazy things with families and patients trying to tell us what we needed to do! I understand what you want, but this is stuff I HAVE to do, and I cannot do x because it's not good for you or your family member.....geez. I know nursing is over 50% customer service, but if you ever have someone in the hospital, please take the time to remember your family member is not the ONLY patient there. Nurses do the best we can, when we can.

Ok, off to bed soon, later.

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