Saturday, February 9, 2008

Crazy, no YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!

Ok, so sitting here waiting for dinner....before going back to the wonderful world of work.....Sometimes I have to laugh(not AT patients, per se, but what their proccesses do to their already percarious mental state.) Last night, most of my patients were pretty good. However, the older lady with a busted hip couln't understand WHY her hip was hurting and kept yelling at me (I think it was swearing, but the english word she kept saying was ****, so I feel safe in that assumption).
Then we had another post surgery patient. 4 days after surgery and she's still demented. I don't think that qualifies as post-op dementia...I think we've crossed that line. Now, she kept going on on her husband and brother in law sleeping together, and called the woman who was sitting with her "Al" the entire night......poor lady, comes into work and gets a sex change!
She slept most of the night, until 3:30 AM, then starting swearing up and down about her husband, then other staff lying to her, etc.....finally got her calmed down with a cup of hot tea, and started to take her bp. "you arent' touching me!, etc" Could be worse, apparently she started screaming help at the top of her lungs the other night at 5AM.....Yikes.
Now it's time to go back to the business, and get up tomorrow, and study!!!! I need to hit the books hard for psych and med/surg.....ARGGGHHHH! I hate's like taking pharm over 2 weeks instead of a semester....ok, nite for now.

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Anonymous said...

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